Windows 11

Hi, i've used Zorin OS for a couple of weeks but it isn't for me, so i tried to reinstall Windows 11 with a USB and Ventoy but when the logo of windows loads up it gave me BSOD and i can't reinstall windows so if you can help me thanks

Can you please clarify; Are you experiencing the BSOD when booting the Windows Live Image or After having installed Windows and are trying to boot up the fresh install?

I believe It's live image as

But If you can give us a summary of your procedure it would make things more clear. @EDITED

Do you have AHCI drivers on the installer?

Where did you get the install image for Win11 - Microsoft?

I would suggest going to another PC with Win11/10, download the Media Creation Tool from Microsoft, run the tool - which creates the latest and greatest installer, AND puts the SSD/NVMe drivers on the disk - then boot up. I never rip a Win installer from an ISO image - unless it's one I've created from a 1:1 disk copy. The 'vanilla' ISO images don't include the SSD/NVMe drivers; some older SATA machines like my old Toshiba laptop doesn't need it. I'm really not sure why this isn't included in the ISO downloads... but, sounds like Ventoy is doing something weird.

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