Windows Hello-Like login

When I was on Windows, I actually REALLY liked the concept of being able to log-in via Windows Hello, but on Zorin OS, unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be an appropriate equivalent. [Now, I know it comes down to personal preferrence or some people would say things like "It shouldn't really matter. The fact that Linux asks for password authentication is because Linux is more secure & different than Windows, etc. Why are you making a stink about it? Blah, blah, blah..." And I get it, but I just don't like having to punch in my password nearly every single time. Which got me to wondering if there's a way I can use facial recognition via my webcam for this? :thinking: :sunglasses:

Anyway, just some random questions I thought of since I'm essentially giving this another shot. For anyone wondering or curious, this pcpartpicker link contains all the components/peripherals of my setup: And if any of y'all happen to have any questions for me or need more details, feel free to reply, comment below or even just dm me if you feel like it & I'll be sure to get back with you! :slight_smile: :+1:

So with that being said, I'll just leave it at that for now & hope someone helpful enough can reply. :crossed_fingers: Thanks in advance to anyone whom can be of help!


Windows Hello, meet Linux Howdy...

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:boltgolt/howdy
sudo apt update
sudo apt install howdy

I appreciate the suggestion & the Bing Chat recommended the same thing to me, but I wasn't able to get it setup properly. [Remember, I'm still a bit of a "noob" coming from Windows...]

Yes Zorin has/is very customisable for finger print & facial recognition.
An eg: is "Pigo - Face detection " just at a quick glance.
But this would be a separate Topic:
Remember Zorin/Linux is more open & secure & customisable. :+1:


I remember raising an unsolved issue with my fingerprint sensor and I think that is Windows Hello based. Just thought I might point that out.

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