Windows no longer bootable

I have a MacBook Air that I wanted to triple boot. I installed macOS, then Windows, then Zorin OS. When it was just macOS and Windows, both operating systems worked fine. But after installing Zorin, the Apple boot picker no longer shows Windows as an option, just macOS and Zorin (labeled as "Windows"). If I select macOS, it boots just fine, and if I select "Windows" it takes me to GNU Grub, which then boots into Zorin just fine. There is an option for Windows Boot Manager in GNU Grub, but that just leads to a black screen and nothing else happens. Is there anything I can do, or do I have to reinstall some/all of the operating systems?

Due to MacOS having been installed, I must ask if you used rEFInd to install it.
Without it, It may have still worked, but adding another EFI entry; I could see how that would lead to conflicts.

If you can boot into MacOS, then install rEFIND on MacOS and use it to recognize and configure the boot management.

I installed macOS through Internet Recovery and Windows through an installer USB. I have tried using rEFInd and rEFIt on a USB stick to boot into Windows, with no luck. I'll try installing rEFInd on my disk tomorrow and see what the results are.

What am I supposed to do once I have rEFInd installed?

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