WINDOWS QUESTION - Don't Why This Is Working ``` ``` But This Is Not ՝՝՝ ՝՝՝

When I Send Code In Discord Using This

print("Hello World!)

It Appears In A Box With Code Highlighted As You can See Above But When I Write This ՝՝՝ ՝՝՝ Using Unicode U+055D And Write
print("Hello World!")

And Send It The Code Doesn't Highlight And Also Not Appear In The Box As You Can See Above

(1) You don't need two threads with the same topic.

(2) How is a question related to Discord relevant for Zorin OS?

Conclusion: This question should be asked in a Discord support forum.


It Was Related To Os Cause When You Type Samething In Windows Using Alt Code It Works Perfectly Fine Bu Dont Worry I Solved The Problem On My Own By Using Unicode U+0060

So a user error in the end.

Oh and by the way Linux is not Windows.


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