Windows Refund Day 2021

Hey Zoriner,

So, I'm playing to purchase a new laptop (Asus Zenbook 14) and i loved zorin os soo damn much. The problem is that laptop comes with preinstalled windows 10 and that comes with a cost everyone know.
My question is to any Ex-Windows user how to get a refund for that un-used windows copy or is that even possible in 2021...

It is not likely possible. The place that sold you the computer is the one that you would need to approach to try to get one. But they are most likely going to not do so.

So i did some research i found if don't accept Windows End User licence agreement on first boot there is to do that and for that i have to contact manufacture company.
Watch this video :point_down:

Yeah I don't think that is possible at all. The OEMs have a deal with Microsoft to get Windows Licenses in bulk and for cheap. As far as I know, the License is tied to your hardware ID. So whenever you install Windows on it, it should recognize it. I'd say keep as a tool in your belt. You can use it when you want to dual boot windows or sell the laptop and the next owner wants Windows on it.


Hmm... good point. So no more Windows Refund Day 2021 :joy:

Honestly no Windows refund day is arguably better than having a refund day. It's just free press and marketing for them :smiley:


I totally agree with Taha_MCP! When I got my MSI computer back in April, I removed Windows 10 before it had a chance to boot. I booted off my USB drive, used the installers Gparted, and ripped the Windows partitions off the drive, and sent them into the MSI black hole. lol Linux is better IMO.


When I discovered Linux in the world for first time it was a hard for me about what is it a terminal where is it how to put diffrent comands in mint,fedora,opensuse.
I was friendly learning many things and reading on linux. Community help support is with many people on the world. Besides with linux i feel more privacy. My journey finished on W7 I tried W10 also but i feeling on them like a prison where i cannot decide what i can in my operative system. Linux is more friendly for users also have lower virus.

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One what I know all laptops and another type pc and laptops have implemented parts for operative systems what they build. For me Linux is friendly for all computers and PC. Sometimes problem with drivers. All laptops have hidden partition where you can back recovery OEM system on laptops. They have saved inside laptop a key license in bios what I remember.

One thing I noticed when I using Zorin OS 12, Feren OS, and Makulu Lindoze, is I don't recall any hidden recovery partitions, unless a user created one themselves, they weren't there.

When I got my new computer, I noticed Windows had many hidden partitions. What I didn't expect however, is after installing POP OS, that it too would come with several partitions, one of which is most certainly for recovery.

This is why in the OS under system settings, in the update section, there is a specific option for updating the recovery partition. Oh which reminds me, its been awhile since I have updated that, let me go issue an update to it now.

But I agree with you Bourne, Windows doesn't give you choice, it takes choice away, and makes the choices for you, cause as we all know, MS knows best, cough, yeah right, cough, make me wanna puke lol.

Linux gives you choices, and you make the choice, not it!


For me if I know I cannot decide what I can choose in operative system what the rules in W7 are they. W10 rules and W11 i was schocked i cannot install software because a computer gived me answear you cannot. W10 this is big surveillance and W11 connected with app to control your mobiles with double gps. Remember on PC you are connected with internet 24 hours. On mobile I have experience when I don't used a mobile battery is eating very fast. Why is eating battery when i am not using them? For me all this new technology from "Billy" is control your life. If i stop played some games and using some software social and software. Then Linux is created for me I saw how apple is created and a have experience with hackintosh this is pure a Linux system but with paying.
I will be soon wondering if I can leave with some things from W7 and totally using only Zorin. On another old PC i have also only linux.

My solution is using Linux as a host and install Windows VM guest.
In VMWare, there was no hardware check and I could install Win11 VM on non-compliant system.


After I changed my Windows installation from bare-metal to VM, I felt more secure and scene of control.

Before I settled in VMWare, I also tested Qemu and it was quite a discovery that a virtual machine is just a simple code which I could edit in any old text editor :wink:

The beauty of VM is its portability and easy restoration.
I can easily move/clone my VM from one system to another. If I ever crash my Windows VM, I can just copy it back from the previous image I saved.


Today I format a W7 also need clear some hard disk to get more space.
It take me some time.disk
If you have some good guide tutorial how install on linux VMWare windows and how to create image when go any machine. I know if windows os is broken linux fix problems on win os.

I can only tell you haw to install Windows VM on Linux.
I've never done that in other way around.

Download VMWare station player installer here:

Run the installer script in terminal as a root.

Once it is installed, you could follow GUI to install VM on it.

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This I have installed yesterday in Zorin. here some build operating system I saw there some ubuntu screen then I don't know if you can on existing Operating system can build inside another operating system without any virtual machine.

It is possible to create a nesting VM structure if you enable virtualization on the virtual CPU.
You can continue this like a Russian souvenir doll till your resources run out.

I wonder how they managed to evade the copyright issue on that one.

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on channel youtube Linux Tech Tips create some movie how do that

Looking around for more information regarding mod wiondows I hit this:

I wonder how they managed to evade copyright issue??

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