Wired ear-set with volume control does not work

I have Zorin OS 16.2. When I use a wired ear-set with volume controls mid-wire I find that the volume controls do not function. I have tried it on numerous items such as listening to a short video I took or watching a video on Telegram or watching a video on Hulu or listening to Music App. I have tried various wired ear-sets. Is this a known issue?

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I have no problem with my headphones volume control, it doesn't interact with the system either, volume is managed from the headphones hardware itself so when I want to change it I don't need to tweak system volume, this is great to adjust volume only on headphones. When you say do not function do you mean that you can't change volume from your wired ear-sets at all? You can change audio parameters by entering alsamixer on terminal and change some accordingly.

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