Wireless not showing up in settings

The wireless option does not show up at all in settings, however, wired does.

lshw -c network results: WARNING: you should run this program as super-user. *-network UNCLAIMED - Pastebin.com

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It helps users find solutions if there are not multiple solutions in one thread.

Can you try the following since the kernel should support your drivers:

sudo rmmod r8169 r8168

sudo apt remove --purge r8168-dkms

sudo modprobe r8169

dmesg | egrep -i 'eth|net|r816'

ifconfig -a

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Is there a fn + wifi icon on the machine ? Or a button to enable wifi ?

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Sorry about that, I'm new to forums.

I went through all of the commands listed, and Wireless still isn't there.

The "sudo rmmod r8169 r8168" command gave "rmmod: ERROR: Module r8168 is not currently loaded", so I'm not sure if this relates to the issue.

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Nope. I don't have a button to enable wifi, or an fn key to do so.


Just found this...
Perhaps try installing and using the dkms package, after-all:

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Screenshot from 2021-10-04 17-23-18

Ended up getting this, could just be a noobie error of mine.

Don't be too hard on yourself...
I have been dealing with similar issues on Zorin All Day Long. Strange errors on insallations as well as sudo apt update claiming that zorin OS repository has a bad certificate. I am getting pretty frustrated, as well. This is very unusual... Zorin OS has always been very stable and reliable.

You are fortunate that ethernet is working - you have net access. Some users need to use a different computer and need to keep switching back and forth.

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Ah yeah, do you think that I should reinstall? I'm not sure if that would work or not, seeing as my issue from my own understanding is probably a driver issue.

Maybe? The drivers should be included in the kernel.

I don't know about how others feel... I mean, there's supposed to be putting things in a good light and marketing an all. I prefer Direct Honesty.
The 5.11 kernel currently in use by Zorin OS seems to be filled with regressions and problems. The Ubuntu patched version of 5.11 has some... interesting... bugs. Bugs that remain unfixed even though they would be very easy to fix. I fixed them on my own build in about 5 minutes.
The only reason I can think of why Ubuntu has these "bugs' and why they will not fix them, is to "encourage" users to use Ubuntu 21.04 or higher.
Throwing all other distros under the bus. And... unsurprisingly given Canonicals ethics. or lack of them.

There are two things you may try without reinstalling... Try the 5.8 kernel or the 5.14 kernel that I patched.

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How exactly would I do that? I'm so new to linux pretty much haha, but yeah, how would I do that?

Try the 5.8 kernel or the 5.14 kernel that I patched.

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I will send you a PM shortly with instructions on how to apply my patched kernel with a download link for it.
The reason for PM and not Public Guide:

Too many people automatically jump at "later kernel *must" be better, in spite of the overwhelming evidence in the case of the 5.11 kernel demonstrating otherwise. I do not need people doing the patch on their own, breaking their system, then blaming me and demanding I fix it.


Let us know the outcome, interesting what @Aravisian is saying.


I tried his kernel thing, and it fixed the issue.


Aravisian would you mind sending me the the same information along with how to install it ... in laymen's terms please ... LOL

I can, but let's try some other troubleshooting steps first.

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