WM (bspwm) on Zorin


Anyone ever tried to install and use some of WM like bspwm ,i3

I tried few times, but always failed.

It is so harder doing that on Ubuntu based distros than on Arch :wink:

I found a guide for bspwm:

I have not tried it.
I have installed other Window managers... And I also have done so while using LXDE on Zorin OS (OpenBox was too simplistic for my tastes)... So I imagine it can be done for the vast majority of WM's out there.

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I followed this one. But when I wanted to try login in bspwm , whole screen just freeze.

I followed it step by step. Will try i3 :slight_smile:

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I have been using FluxBox with MXLinux Raspberry respin. For me, it is a little easier than Openbox to manoeuvrer things.

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