Working next 10 years?

I hope this parts will be working next 10 years before a comet hit a earth.

So the idea fan was 3 x front and 3 x back 2 on top and one on back front.
Fans all speed i can steering in bios.
1 x hard disk nvme 1TB
1 x hard disk ssd crucial 500GB
1 x hard disk hdd 2TB
PSU 850 watt.
Tested on live linux all is recognized.
Graphic card working with linux AMD 8GB.

Have you also installed a wind turbine outside to power all those electric fans?
You clearly will not be cold next winter :slight_smile:

Well. I have problem with filters to order any countries. Order them from amazon only 5 piece left.
The time waiting is very long.
Now i need only good microphone,camera and mouse.
I reading logitech is good products compatibility with linux operating system.

I wondering where i can install more fans but my soundcard near blocked to install more fans. I checked how they good and must sayed paper it can eaten and back is strong wind then can dry my hairs.