Working then a catastrophy

I don't know what could be a problem with my another PC
3 days working then stop working.
Testing a Fedora,Mint and Zorin.
I mean the problem is my motherboard sending 5 short signals then i seeing a blackscreen. The interesting my bios is restarted on motherboard when I don't touch him.
What it could be a problems?
For me it could be everything.
Anyone have idea what it could be a problem?
The hardware peripherals are:

I suspicions low power supply or problem with motherboard also low power supply or something.
The all components are compatibility with linux distributions.

I would definitely be suspecting the power supply.
Also check all cable connections and edge connectors are all properly seated.
Are you able to get hardware support to find out what the 5 beeps refer to?

5 beeps what i reading could be procesor error. PCI express problem. Weird after settings a bios it alone restarted to fabric motherboard with fail date and time. Do 250w procesor, 2x16gb ram, SSD and low profile GPU max 20w
Why they building poor case with power? I wondering a motherboard could be weak. I tried with 500 watt the same 5 beeps signal. When it was fedora beeping lost but fedora using newer version GPU.

When booting i saw SGX

Secure boot is disabled.

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