Working with AVCHD files

Hi All - Been using Zorin Pro now for a few months and its been great! I been wanting to upload some video files and I have AVHDC files from panasonic Lumix cameras. I been using VLC, KDENLIVE, Pitvi and my playback has been really slow and skips. In VLC I adjusted the video settings but I still don't get good playback by default. I also tried Handbreak to format them to less and still get the issues. Mostly my plan is to video edit with them and I know AVCHD is it's own format. Any software applications to install or drivers? Thanks!

Go To This Thread And Please Do The Same Thing I Instructed That OP To Do, And It Will Probably Help Fix Your Situation As Well!


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Thanks! I installed them and will give it a shot.

Thanks! This worked with VLC but not for PitVi. Any other suggestions?

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Run a search in Synaptic for PitVi, do you see files for it? If so, install them. Beyond that, I have no other guidance.

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