Working with Docker on Zorin

I started using Zorin to have a linux machine to make programming feel a bit nicer and closer to what I came from on Mac, but man there's a lot of things I was blissfully unaware of. This question/topic may not be 100% correct for this forum but thought I'd voice it here in case anyone was attempting something similar or had done something similar. I started recently working on Docker images for applications I'm working on and ran into many file permission issues, most of them happened in the container but then i went to save a file i had modified in my VSCode and was told I did not have permission to that action... Weird. So i ls -la and see my outer directory is owned by me:me but everything in this directory is 100999:100999, I have no idea what exactly that means so I wanted to know if anyone has some information on what might have happened here. For context this was a laravel application generated almost entirely through composer and copying files from other folders into the cwd. Sorry for the long winded ramble.

TLDR: Didn't have permission to save files in a directory I made, ls -la shows outer file is me:me and everything in this file is 100999:100999,
What (or who?) is 100999:100999?

I've answered my own question with a bit more digging. Permissions had been misbehaving in docker so I ran a Chown -R on the html folder but this apparently also has effects outside of Docker where Docker now claims these files as a docker user? or something similar? Not entirely sure, but through some testing i discovered that was the issue.

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