Workspaces and apps

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Have a question about workspaces.
I work with few audio text projects.
For example at workspace 1 I open my folder of text files on the left and audio file folder on the right.
For example at workspace 2 I open other apps and office app too.
Thing ism that when I, being at workspace 2 open an office file, system throws me to workspace 1 where office app is already opened.
Can I use workspaces completely isolated from each other?


You should probably tell us are you using Gnome or XFCE?

Gnome... Standard Zorin Core with gnome tweaks

This was asked about by another user recently and I do not recall a full-fledged solution to it.
I think due to being able to partly solve it by specifying the app to only open on that workspace - but since this ability is coded into the APPS and not the Desktop... that not all the apps that user used supported the ability.

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