Wow! I can't kill this Zorin 16 core

Ive been comin around linux's for about 30 years now. Crunchbang was worth keeping but the developers disbanded. Now with this Zorin ive cleared Windows 10 completely, purged if you will, in favor of this, self healing?, Zoring 16. Everything just works. A couple of quickly dispatched niggles, but A solid salute to the the gates works for good. Its going to be nice not applying 100's of patches every day. Nice job guys!!!


You also are the former Crunchbung user!?
I remember the shock - after I poring so many hours to set up a perfect Japanese environment - it then disappeared without much warning.

Since that time, I have been very careful to select my distro. Solid history of the project is very important so as the good supporting community :slight_smile:


The group got split up, some has their own distro.

From the wiki page

Some Linux distributions have arisen in its place in an effort to continue its environment. Among the most significant are BunsenLabs and CrunchBang++


Thank you!!

I knew them from the starting of each projects.

Since CrunchBung author refused for the project to be continued by others, both projects had to start bottoms up.
I was following both of them for some time, but they were far from usable in a serious production system.

The last time I tested (4 or 5 years ago) BunsenLabs was more polished than CB++.
I am not sure about their current status though.

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