XFCE default smart window placement setting

After installing Zorin OS Lite, I noticed when I opened a window the default placement would be the top left corner of my screen and after resizing a window it would not retain it’s size nor it’s position on the screen. So almost all of my non-maximized windows wouldn’t retain their size or position within my screen. It actually took me awhile to find the following setting and I’m not so sure the default setting it ideal:

Settings -> Window Manager Tweaks -> Placement -> Minimum size of window to trigger smart placement.

After finding this setting I moved the slider from the default location all the way to large. This solved my issue where windows weren’t retaining their size. Now my windows retain their resized settings and also center themselves when opened since place windows at center of screen is selected. Although the center of screen was already selected by default, it previously wouldn’t center a window until after I changed the smart placement setting to large.

Not sure if this is a bug, an isolated issue with the laptop I’m using, or a default setting that probably should be changed.

Asus R420MA Laptop
Zorin OS 15.3 Lite Edition