XFCE Desktop for Pro coming soon

Really, didn't know that. So, what's the difference between running Pro XFCE and running Lite? Maybe just all the apps that install on Pro???

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Zorin OS Pro comes in both Core and Lite versions.
This was always true on the previously named Zorin OS Ultimate.

Your guess is correct; Pro Lite is just like Pro Core in that it contains additional software meshed well, introducing the user to new things and looks.


Yes, this is what I am waiting on, Zorin OS 16 LITE, I have a drive installed ready to go for its installation.

May it Light up my life with LITE :grin:


StarTreker, you really installed it but not using it? so you don't test it's ability to boot or speed. I would have partitioned and install a couple of OS's and even make it dual boot, just to see what it's capable of.


I already know what the drive is capable of, its identical to the NVME drive that is already in SLOT-1. Its PCIE-Gen3. Its capable of pushing 3000MBPS. Its rated for 3470MBPS I believe.

(2) I formatted it to GPT, and its got unnallocated space ready to go for OS install. If the drive was faulty, I wouldn't have been able to manipulate it.

(3) I am not going to put unnecessary writes to the SSD drive for no reason. Its ready for an OS install, good enough for me.

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Wait. Zorin Pro when you installing you can choice Pro, Core or xfce? Three version on one Image ISO?

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