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I wonder if this ties into another thread I just posted in.


youtube-dl should never be downloaded from a repo but from the official site - should we even be covering this? Other forums ban such mention as it is potentially that ***-awful copyright laws infringement. They are continually in legal battles with Google over this. Downloading from a repo means it never gets updated.

What we all need!

It starts with almost nothing
But then you feel the fire
It builds from just a feeling
But then your need turns dire

You don't know where it came from
And you thought you wouldn't dare
You don't know what will happen
And you don't know if you care

Do you see the confusion?
Where do you think this will lead?
Do you feel the commotion?
Why do you feel so much need?

Certainty. Certainty
All I would need is certainty

Why do you keep me from certainty?
How could you take it away from me?

It hurts more than anything
My world now turns to ashes
Your silence so demeaning
My heart falters in flashes

I would still like to believe
But I know my trust is broken
I would yet want to prevail
But I know my hope is token

Do you see desperation?
Why don't you care anymore?
Do you fear conflagration?
Why to make me feel so sore?

Certainty. Certainty
All I would need is certainty

Why do you keep me from certainty?
How could you take it away from me?

I'm slowly drifting away
The water reaches above my head
I know I'm not here to stay
A cold body remains in my stead


Ah, Ok.

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It made quite a stir last year.

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Yes I know.
It is because Github listened to the petitions.

I wish GNOME developers listen to the user in the same way...

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It is still very active apparently:

Plus they've got a good set of lawyers. The RCA makes me laugh. I remember watching an item on RT a couple of years back where bands were asking to boycott RCA because it wasn't doing them any favours, even if it meant they were losing revenues. Creative Commons Music is the way forward or alternatives such as Bandcamp, New Retro Wave and jamendo!
I downloaded some Midnight stuff off YouTube and because I got so interested in their music I now have their (almost) entire backlog and most recent album, Monsters, and EP Horror Show (and I watched their streamed concert from California last year and bought the T-shirt). I wish they were more reasonable like Michael Oakley - recent concert was dirt cheap and also made a DVD available - Wish The Midnight had done the same with their streaming concert. Hey ho. Can't complain - just bought 6 CDs from Stefan Poiss - 4 Mind.in.a.box and two THYX albums that I am ripping to my Music folder on Zorin 16 Core.
Network of Light - Track 3 of THYX album Below the City:

You must survive (x4)

Why can't you hear my voice
Why can't you just take this wall
I'm a network of light

1000 miles in a blink of an eye
I make the dark for a moment glowing bright
I'm a network of light

I can feel the waves surrounding me
Back in time I'll erase my memories
Million bolts from the blue inspecting me
Resignation turns into mystery

I'm a network of light (x3)

You must survive (x8)

(Why can't you..
1000 miles...) x 2

I can feel the waves..

I'm a network of light...

One advantage to be bought by Microsoft.

This can actually touch on three different threads at this point...

But the OP's of at least two of those threads may need to have a clear path in their threads.

I have youtube-dl installed. Used these commands to install it;

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nilarimogard/webupd8
sudo apt update
sudo apt install youtube-dlg

Honestly, I went around and around the youtube-dl thing fro a while... But I ended going with 4k.
It always works with no hassle.
There is a pay version. But I can never get anywhere near the download limit, so it is not a thing for me.

I might download a few things a year.

... and heads! :blush:

Personally I use FreeTube ..... it's in the software download app in Zorin 16 ... they maybe in cahoots with google but it makes me fee better that I don't need to log into google or have a google account .... you can also export you youtube subscriptions into FreeTube .... AND NO ADDS .... I've been using FreeTube for more than 8 months now and never had any problems .... I believe it can do anything youtube can do .... or at least anything I need to do ... JMHO (just my humble opinion) ... LOL


Actually till I saw this thread I even did not know there was a GUI version of youtube-dl.
My husband and I always run it in the terminal.

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