[Z16 Beta] Desktop Pointer cursor

I have installed Zorin 16 Beta. I have not experienced many troubles (Probably just nVidia drivers was not able to run because of secure boot, but it's not really OS fault). But one thing bugs me, as a tinkerer I am, I changed cursor theme, it works everywhere, except on desktop icons. For example when I hover over Trash, the pointer (the hand) is not from the theme I installed (and the pointer is otherwise present everywhere). The cursor seems like default Adwaita dark. Anyone has a tip or trick how to change it?

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Part of the trouble in installing a third party theme is whether it is fully filled in.
For your theme: You would need to create or modify images as .xmc files for within your theme.
You can do this using gimp

sudo apt install gimp

Open the file- you will often find that it is in multiple layers. You need to lift the layers and change the images as desired.
When all is done, File> Export and use the arrow menu "Select File Type" and scroll down very near the bottom to X11 Mouse Cursor .xmc as the file type to export as.
Happy editing.

Alternatively, you can try installing another x11 cursor theme from deviantart or opendesktop (Gnome look, xfce-look and so on...)

Thanks for reply! The Theme is complete actually. It's not some bottom of the barrel scrape. The pointer cursor works literally everywhere else, except when hovering over icon on desktop. The cursor (pointer) has same number of layers as every other cursor in that theme, also, how i should change the layers?

In the index.theme, what does the theme inherit?

[Icon Theme]
Name=Capitaine Cursors
Comment=A stylish cursor for humans

This is the content of index.theme, so nothing.