Z16 installer asks for RST to be turned off

I'm currently using Zorin 15.3 and have just acquired Z16 Pro, done the iso image on the USB stick and was all set to install on a spare hard drive.
My Dell XPS desktop has Windows 10 on a SS drive; Zorin 15 runs on the 2Tb primary hard drive (internal). A few days ago I added another internal hard drive (1Tb) to the desktop; with the idea of installing Z16 Pro on it, getting it up and running and then closing out the Zorin15/2Tb disk. This disk would then be used for other things, mainly storing files.
However...the Z16Pro installer has given the message that my computer is using Rapid Storage Transfer (RST) that will have to be turned off in the BIOS before I can install the Zorin system.
I've read the document at Intel RST but it isn't very encouraging for my confidence in messing about with BIOS systems. I'm beginning to think I might be better off just backing up all my Z15 stuff, overwriting the existing OS with Z16 and forgetting about the spare hard drive...
how are other people running multiple drives?

You may be able to reinstate rst alter installation, without having any affect on your windows installation (just don't boot into windows before you turn it back on).

Rst is similar to RAID for quicker responses searching, reading and writing files. It may also perform a little redundancy, but it's mainly to improve access times. Zorin, and most other Ubuntu based distros, would require this setting to be disabled prior to installation. It's no different than disabling secure boot or fast boot in the bios.

Prior to doing that, ensure you boot into windows and disable hibernation as well as windows fast boot (these had a drive lock feature which won't allow anything else to write to the drive successfully).
Check out [HOW TO] Partition & Install Zorin 16, specifically the before you install portion.


Thanks for that detail. I installed Z15 on this same computer a year or so back (it's in dual-boot mode) and never encountered the RST message, so that is why I was puzzled at seeing it today. I believe secure boot is already disabled in Windows (I did it last time), but I'll have to go in there and check fast-boot and hibernation.


Rst was still a new technology, so zorin 15 didn't check for it. After installation you should be fine with reenabling it.

I believe i read somewhere that you should disable it through windows, but that is beyond my knowledge. Turning it off in the bios without touching windows could have adverse effects (MS loves integration that breaks things for people that attempt to take control of their computers). Read up on this a bit more before making changes. It should only lose the index of what is on the drive, built when it was installed and updated as you added data. Definitely backup any important data! (Always).

You should be able to find info on this using "How to disable RST Windows 10". Read through a few of them to gain understanding before you follow any. Text will be easier to follow than a video (though a video will help with understanding).

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Thanks again; that explains why I got Z15 installed with no issues. I'm gathering this info now, so will have to make myself a "crib sheet" of instructions before I set off on this game...a bit daunting. Thankfully I rarely use Windows, but I don't want to cook it.

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That is understandable .... I also dual boot Zorin pro with Win 10 Pro (stripped down version) and although I have been using Zorin as my daily driver for the past 10 months ..... I still an rare occasions visit Win ....

I am still reluctant to wipe Win as it has saved my bacon several times by using two programs that have features I can't find in any of the programs offered for Linux .... maybe some day someone will come up with a comparable one .... but until then Win 10 Pro stays .....

Done a quick foray through the Windows 10 device manager; no mention of IDE/ATA/ATAPI controllers anywhere....but found "Storage controllers" at the bottom of the list; Intel(R)Chipset SATA/PCIe RST Premium controller, along with a Microsoft storage spaces controller.
So this first one must be it.
Have also gone into SetUp/Advanced and found that the SATA operation can be switched between RAID ON and AHCI.
My instructions dig-around came up with a "Workaround to install Ubuntu on Intel RST systems"

and which includes setting up a safeboot mode for Windows before tinkering around with the BIOS menus.
Soooo...unfortunately no time for a few weeks now to get this job done, so the delights of Z16 Pro will have to wait a little longer. And if my posts never appear here again, you'll know the computer has bricked... :broken_heart:

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