Z17 - Mesa - Stopped Receiving Updates

Any idea why in the Software app, under Installed, Mesa is showing in red as "Stopped Receiving Updates"?

Seems kinda odd with a fresh install of Z17.



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From your screenshot you have two more entries for Mesa. It could be that the Mesa with the red 'Stopped receivinig updates' because it is now deprecated and will not work on the current platform as it has been replaced by newer versions? Just guesswork on my part based on your screenshot.

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I did notice a total of 3 Mesa
Stopped version: 23.3.0
Second version: 23.3.1
Third version: 23.3.0 (again, perhaps the dupe was why?)

Same situation with Mesa (extra), except no stopped version.

Anyways, all working fine so I'll ignore for now.

Thanks again!

One Mesa may be an APT package while the other a Flatpak dependency package.

Hello, I have the same message and I wanted to know if I can uninstall the MESA mentioned with the update stopped.
I thank

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