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I haven't been active lately: but it's school. Sorry, I will try my best to be here.
I've read the Linux Mint review of a user here stating that it was faster, and tried it. Linux Mint was indeed quicker as he claimed, but I wanted the best experience: stable, more than Mint is, and up-to-date (I'm not a fan of the Shiny New Things syndrome, but up-to-date means with best performance in this case).
So, I installed Debian XFCE and started customizing it.
I used the backgrounds @Aravisian provided for my Windows Partition, and the icon theme Yaru (non Zorin's).
The GTK2-3 theme is the Zorin one, from their Launchpad, and the XFWM is the Zorin one.
(I'm looking to install the Aravisian's version but can't find the appropriate debfile.)
What do you think?

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Can you clarify this? If you mean the Zenith XFWM4 themes:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:aravisian/gtk-theming

sudo apt update

sudo apt install zenith-blue-dark zenith-green-dark zenith-grey-dark zenith-orange-dark zenith-purple-dark zenith-red-dark

Why are all of these doubled? Can you do it with a glob (i.e. sudo apt install zenith-*-dark)?

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Corrected. It was because I copied and pasted instead of actually looking...
Since my repo contains more than Focal, it doubled them up.
Thanks for catching that.

Yes. The reason I listed them all out was so that the user could adapt the install command to only include the colored themes that they want.

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The First Rule of Debian is to never add PPAs, should I do it anyways?

Whoever made that rule?

My PPA is an Ubuntu Launchpad - everything passes through lintian and security testing.

If you want just the debian .deb package itself, click on the launchpad page:

Click on the Right Arrow next to the item you want
then select the link for the .deb package.

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I didn't want to offend you in any way, if you say it's safe I'll do that - when my current apt operation finishes.

And, I don't know if that matters, but: Zorin OS 16 is based on Ubuntu 20.04, which is based on Debian 10 (Bullseye), according to What Debian version are the different Ubuntu versions based on? - Ask Ubuntu .
So, since I am on a newer debian version, and since I can't install ubuntu 22.04 packages on 20.04 I applied the same logic to Debian.

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That's not a rule, it's advice. It says so right there in the title and opening statement.

About installing packages you can also abbreviate the command through shell expansion in this way:

sudo apt install zenith-{blue,green,grey,orange,purple,red}-dark

For example if you just wanted to install two of them, you would specify only those here. It's also pretty useful for installing multiple packages that share the same prefix e.g.: php8.2-{cli,fpm,json,mysql}.


Yes, you are quite right. You will need to use the .deb packages, not the repository.
I keep forgetting about Debian 12 just being newly released.

Just like on Zorin OS, you cannot use Jammy on Focal.

But that's not a rule you cannot add PPA's.
It's saying to stick with the release packages for the same release base.

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I used the *.deb and everything worked perfectly fine! Thanks!

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