Zorin 16.1 Laptop shuts down when closed instead of suspending

I recently updated my version of zorin on my laptop. Now everytime I close the lid it completely shuts down. I looked through the ect/systems/logind.conf "handlelidswitch=suspend" so that should be working properly.Im unsure if this is happening to anyone else and if there is a fix, because this is rather inconvenient.

Is it actually shutting down, or is it suspending but won't wake from suspend, necessitating you holding down the power button to restart it?

It's shutting down completely all apps turn off and requires a reboot. I reverted back to the previous version And it works fine. It's treating my lid like the power button.

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Are you referring to Kernel or version of Zorin OS?
(Either way, it is likely the kernel that is the culrpit).

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