Zorin 16.2?

Apologies if I go a bit... you know. But while we've been talking about Zorin 17, I feel like we haven't talked about Zorin 16.2 much. I get that it's a less major update than 17 but...

It actually may help to remind members that Zorin OS 17 is a future release and is not exactly around the corner.
Folks were asking about Zorin 17 within a week of the release of Z16...

The release of Zorin OS 16.2 is anticipated for the Sept/Oct range, so it should be quite soon.

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is there info about that release, i mean what's new

I have no idea! lol

I tried a search on that, too...

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it's possible that may be based on ubuntu 21.10? or changing the base will be in zorin17?

Ah, no...

No, point releases generally introduce a feature or two or bug fixes... But I have never seen a point release of any distro change the base, default desktop or compiler.
Zorin OS centers on Stability and Zorin OS 16.2 will remain based on the Focal Repositories.

You can believe that the ZorinGroup has been reviewing user feedback and suggestions.

We may see some of that implemented in the 16.2 point release. But certainly not anything so drastic as jumping base.


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