Zorin 16.3 pro : can you help me solve this error and be able to proceed to the installation?

I want to install Zorin using a bootable usb drive but I still get this error message. I used different tools to put the iso file in the usb drive but it stills the same problem.
Can somebody help me please ?

Is this a 32bit or 64bit machine?

Hello, It's a 64bit machine
I have an HP Envy 13 with a NVidia Gforce MX150

Have you yet tried launching Live Zorin With Safe Graphics?

I also tried this option but still have the zorin logo in the screen

It gets stuck inti 'running Network Time Resolution' . I still have to zorin logo on the screen and I can go into the installation menu.

You may have a network card not connecting - but the installer is looking for the network connection. Try unplugging the Network card, if accessible. Then boot the LiveUSB.

I cannot unplug the network card. Maybe trying to connect my computer using ethernet cable ?

This also is a Good Option. :smiley:

EDIT: I also just noticed another issue in the above post: Did you select to install Zorin OS with Full Drive Encryption?
If you did so, try installing without checking the box for full drive encryption.

Connecting my pc to an ethernet cable was a good idea. I already installed Zorin but still have a weird issue. I cannot run Zorin without plugging my usb-c adapted.
I had the same problem ith previous versions and I don’t know why

I do not understand this statement. Can you please clarify?

I just have two usb port and an usbc port on my pc. Without plugging my usb-c adapter zorin doesn’t run and it stills stuck at the zorin logo. When I plug my adapter and restart my pc it comes to the end of launch and I can put my password and log in.

What is this USB-C adapter for?

It helps to use Ethernet cable hdmi and other ports

Is this Thunderbolt?

Yes exactly sorry for using the wrong term

No problem. Since that is a separate issue, can you please start a New Thread for seeking information on "Thunderbolt must be plugged in to boot Zorin OS"?

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Of course
Thank so much

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