Zorin 16 does not shut down...just restarts

New installation. Lenovo i3 computer. Clicking the power off button only restarts the computer. Cannot shut down.

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Are you tanking about power button showing in taskbar?

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Please give more details, it will really help us. Which power button, the one in the OS or the one on the laptop? Maybe give some basic info:

How to give basic specs:
$ sudo apt-get install inxi ←(Installs Inxi - a CLI program that list system information)
$ inxi ←(Tells Inxi to list basic system info)

I agree, while more information would be nice, I am going to go out on a limb here, and assume, Leorob is asking about the power button on his notebook.

From the :zorin: menu, go to settings then scroll down till you see power and click on that. On the right, look for this......

Then all you need to do, is tell the system what you want it to do, when you hit the power button on your notebook.


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