Zorin 16 Dual Boot With Windows 10 on two seperate SSD drives

So I managed to Install Zorin 16 on one SSD and Windows 11 on the other SSD. This guide is for installing Zorin 16 first then Windows Second.

  1. Go into Bios and turn on AHCI mode (disable Intel RST) and disable secure boot (it can work with secure boot on usually though).
  2. Boot into Zorin OS USB. Select Try out Zorin. Launch disks or gparted software and format the drives using GPT (not MBR) and leave then formatted but with no partitions.
  3. Reboot PC and select ZOrin 16 USB Again. Select install Zorin (if you have Nvidia GPU select install with Nvidia drivers) > Select erase disk and install Zorin OS (let zorin do the partitioning for you) > Select ZFS (experimental) file system for install as encryption didn't seem to work for me.
  4. Note if you have any issues during install, try to download a new Zorin OS ISO and burn it to a new (different) USB. This is because some USB flash drives can have issues, and sometimes the ISO gets corrupted during download. Many install errors can be attributed to corrupt files in ISO.
  5. Once Zorin is installed. Shut off computer > plug in Windows USB > access f12 / boot select screen > select Windows USB
  6. Click on Drive you want to install Windows (make sure it's not the Linux drive so you don't erase it). Format if you missed this step. Select "new" in windows installer and create the windows partition. Select the new partition the windows installer created and press "next" or ok and proceed with automatic windows install.
  7. You should now be able to spam f12 when pc restarts to select Ubuntu or Windows bootloader.
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I did have one question as well...Right now I have to spam f12 during pc boot to select the bootloader, and I was hoping for a more elegant solution. Does anyone know off hand any bootloader I can install on a partition to perhaps load as the default bootloader, that will give me a nice boot screen where I can select one of either of two (windows or linux) bootloaders? I'm sure there is one out there, and once I find it i'll update this post with how I managed to install that.

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@JohnDoe as carmar has moved your post to "Tutorials" section, maybe best you post your bootloader question again in "Installation" where it may attract appropriate attention.

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