Zorin 16 Install, with Dell usb dock .. drivers not working?

Hello, I've downloaded and install the OS, most apps and items install as required, however the deal breaker... no usb-c dock support.

I've attempted to install the displaylink drivers however they always error.

sudo: ./displaylink-driver-5.4.1-55.174.run: command not found

Nice to see a clean Linix distro, however without a usb-c dock it just aint' there yet.


Welcome to the forum bobmcallan. I'm sorry to hear that you are having issues. I have usb c in my laptop as well, but it works out of the box. So, if you would, please tell me about your system (cpu, ram, drives and video card), maybe the output of lshw and uname -r.


This command as written would not work.


I have a Dell Laptop, and I'm using a USB-c dock and it worked out of the box.

You need to give a bit more information, such as model you're using and what dock you're trying to use.


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