Zorin 16 Lite black screen after Restart or Shut Down

I know this article mentions loading/logging rather than shutdown, but I wonder if yours is also an acpi issue: Common problems with Ubuntu and Windows Dual Boot Installations: The Muggle Tech Guide | by Muggle Studies | Medium

Hi, Aravisian. The laptop is an Acer Aspire 3 A315. The kernel is 5.11.0-43-generic.

Thanks, carmar, I'll look at the link.

I'm wondering whether the problem has anything to do with the "secure boot" box that I checked during installation ...

It is possible... Unless you are Dual Booting with Windows, Secure Boot will do no good on Linux. It is for Windows only.
It can conflict with some Linux apps, though. It is generally recommended to have secure boot disabled.

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Does your keyboard have a number pad? Press up arrow or number 8 (with num lock off) and see what it says it's doing on shutdown.

Edit: you may have to change the shutdown command to force now... sounds like a soft shutdown or something is still running.

Tried turning off secure boot. Also tried setting acpi=off inside GRUB. No luck. Zorin still hangs on a black screen when restarting or shutting down. EDIT: I tried pressing 8 during shut down, but the output goes too fast for me to read it.

Again, this didn't happen with Zorin 15.3. Is it a problem with the kernel?

Quite possible. You can try an earlier kernel for testing...

sudo apt install linux-headers-5.8.0-63-generic linux-modules-5.8.0-63-generic linux-modules-extra-5.8.0-63-generic linux-image-5.8.0-63-generic


Thanks, Aravisian. But if I install those kernels, will they replace my current one? I tested one earlier kernel in the advanced options in GRUB, and it didn't make any difference.

EDIT: I also updated the BIOS.

The problem seems to be with the Zorin log out menu. Even clicking "Suspend" results in hanging on a black screen (without going into suspension).

EDIT: Is it possible that the install of Zorin 16 didn't work? Will I need to reinstall it? Or is there a log that I can check for errors?

No, it does not replace the current kernel. You can choose which kernel to boot from in Advanced Options for Zorin at the Grub Menu.

It is possible and if this is a Fresh Install or if you do not mind reinstall with restoration of personal files, it may be worthwhile to reinstall.

However, the LogOut menu itself does not handle the shutdown service.

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Thanks for your response. I realize that the menu itself is merely a graphical representation. But what program does handle the shutdown service?

I believe systemd systemctl

The Black screen at shutdown bug is sadly, pretty common...

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Tried reinstalling Zorin 16. Same problem. In fact, the problem starts at the end of the installation (now I remember this from the first time): it says to restart and then remove installation media. I do what it says, and the result is a black screen, but the power light remains on. I wait, but am finally obliged to power off manually.

So it seems to be a result of the installation.

If it's a common bug, is there a common solution (apart from the ones tried above)?

Sadly, no... If there was, it may not be as common a problem. :wink:
There are many things a person may try and I also have several Acer computers that have been affected- and interestingly, it is a problem that almost always goes away after some updates.
I have rarely seen it revert - though I am sure it can happen.
Really... If it was me, I would try a different kernel.

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I did try the two different kernels already available under advanced options (as I mentioned above). But I'll try one more time, with the kernel you suggested.

Thanks, Aravisian. The kernel you suggested worked. But why? And how do I set this kernel as default? Or do I just need to wait for a kernel update?

Please follow this guide, here:

Regressions are the bane of those hoping for good things from the later kernels.
For reasons I think most of us would not understand, the kernel development team will often remove elements from the kernel - perhaps that they feel are outdated or superfluous... but are actually still needed.
The kernel code is quite long, earlier versions were over a million lines of code total.
Not sure how long these latest ones are, but I suspect that the impetus is to shorten it where ever they can.

Thanks, Aravisian.

And my apologies: in the guide you recommended, there's a link to a post with what seems to be the same problem as mine:

I'm sorry for having inadvertently duplicated this (already solved) topic.

Is there somewhere we should be submitting a bug report for this problem with the kernel?

In my own opinion, duplication will happen - and while it may be preferred to avoid it; it can be a good thing, too. Duplication may address things from a different angle or provide a new and fresh perspective.

More than one, really. There is the Ubuntu Kernel Team, the ZorinGroup and the Mainline Kernel Team.


Hi, Aravisian,

Thanks for your help and for these links. Could you please let me know whether there is a link for reporting bugs to the Zorin Group? (There's a launchpad online, but it doesn't appear to be maintained.)

I'm wondering whether the problem that UselessBoi and I were having is related to the problem with kernel 5.11.0-34. I realize that the kernels are different -- my problem seems to have been caused by kernel 5.11.0-43 -- but the symptoms are similar: black screen (connected with restarting, shutting down, suspending). My CPU is AMD A9-9420 Radeon. I've been able to upgrade to kernel 5.11.0-40 (per the solution to UselessBoi's post), but nothing higher than that.

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It is active and maintained. I wonder if you looked at one of the other repos the ZorinGroup has (They have more than one.)
Here is the current Zorin Repo and if you browse the packages, you will find additions and uploaded content quite recently:

That being said; the regressions in the kernel in question are due to the Kernel development team, not the ZorinGroup. Zorin OS uses the provided kernel, but does not develop it. Reporting to the Ubuntu Team really is bringing it to the proper doorstep.

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