Zorin 16 price


I have one question Zorin 16 will be free update for people who bought Zorin Ultimate 15.3?
If not what will be price new operating system Zorin 16?

Pricing on Zorin OS Ultimate is set and determined by the developers that spent the time creating it. So far, I have not seen or heard any announcements on the purchase option. I am a regular member of a forum, but not a member of the Zoringroup and as such, I suppose I can speak a bit more freely.

Installing Zorin OS 16 over Zorin OS 15 is not an update, nor an upgrade. It is the next version in the line. The words "update" and "upgrade" are often misused in computing.
Choosing Ultimate is a method us users have of supporting development and encouraging further versions of Zorin OS to be developed and released. If we were able to just grab the Next Version that was developed for free by piggybacking it off of a previous purchase, then it would defeat the purpose of Ultimate being available to support development.
You cannot "upgrade" your 1998 Mazda Miata to a 2015 Mazda Miata for Free.

As it is Zorin OS is Free. Zorin OS 16 is free. Installing Ultimate is a choice to financially support the continued development.

Zorin OS Ultimate comes with a suite of pre-installed software and while it is a great way to support development, it is not the only way. Some may prefer a more minimal installation and donate what they can, without going out in full on Ultimate. Users can do so here;

Scroll down to "Donate."


Yes I was mind about Ultimate because I started buying from version 9.
I liked him.

With Ultimate it gives you the choice to do a full fat install of everything or do a minimal install and install what you need afterwards.

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