Zorin 16 Pro crashes, freezes and reboots randomly

Hi everyone. I am new to Zorin. I have bought a new laptop for work and immediately got rid of Windows and used the newest version of Fedora for a while. Then I found Zorin online and bought the Pro version.

Installed it, and it was working great. But at times the system was very slow. I would move the mouse cursor and it would get stuck and then move over the screen slowly. Sometimes it was unresponsive.

I had a 16GB 3200 DRR4 and a 4GB 3200 DDR memory module installed so figured, maybe I was putting too much load on it and there could be some issues with the RAM in that kind of config. So I bought another 16GB 3200 DDR 4 module and installed that.

It was working without issues for a week of so, but started doing the same thing, but with an addition. Not only does it freeze now, but it also restarts randomly and then when it boots up again it comes on with no Wifi and I cannot put the wifi on.

I then restart and it restarts with wifi on and enabled. I have tested my RAM and there is no issues there. It is also a new computer and never did this while I was using Fedora.

I have executed the cat command in terminal to open the syslog file, but I am honestly not experienced enough to know what to look for.

The only error message I can see is: Lenovodragon vivaldi-stable.desktop[39256]: [39228:39228:0802/230730.110469:ERROR:CONSOLE(0)] "Uncaught (in promise) Error: A listener indicated an asynchronous response by returning true, but the message channel closed before a response was received", source: chrome-extension://mpognobbkildjkofajifpdfhcoklimli/browser.html (0)

I am going to attempt to run my browser with all extensions disabled and see if that makes a difference. If anyone else has some other advice, I would greatly appreciate it.

Did you verify the checksum when you downloaded your copy of Zorin? I ask because, though you downloaded a legitimate copy, there could have been errors during the download. Verifying the checksum will tell you that (it won't match what is listed on the Zorin site).

What video card are you using? Which driver (if it's nvidia)?

You may try reinstalling the Zorin desktop. This will also reinstall the extensions. I'm thinking something got corrupted during an update (bad download, incomplete file or corrupted file). It happens. I'm thinking this is your best bet. sudo apt install --reinstall zorin-os-desktop.

I doubt it's the video card driver, but using the wrong one for your system can cause adverse effects... we've seen this all to often. If it is nvidia, and it's using the 470 driver, switch to the 515 (not server version).

Are you using Google Chrome, Chromium or a browser based off Chrome? If so, I remember Chrome being the cause of UI lag before. This was a problem on Windows (7/10), Linux and the Mac my parents were using.

I found a bug for Chrome and Ubuntu 20.04 (off which Zorin OS 16 is based). I do know that Zorin OS 16 had problems with the latest Wine update (7.x+) and NVIDIA, through personal experience; however, this wasn't just related to Zorin OS. It has to do with NVIDIA's closed-source drivers and their implementation of window resize in xrandr. People have been looking for a solution for newer graphics drivers

I've recently sold my NVIDIA-based laptop for an Intel NUC with AMD graphics and have not had any UI lag issues since.

Thank you @337harvey. When I booted from USB drive to load Zorin, I could see the checksum being checked. I have run the command you suggested and there was some packages that was updated and also one it said was no longer in use and I took it off.

I have a Nvidia GPU, but not using it. If I check in the "about" section in the settings menu, it says: "Graphics - AMD® Renoir".

I have a Ryzen 5 processor with AMD Radeon graphics.

After I ran the command you suggested, the system did not crash for days, but started doing it again today :frowning:

Hi @guinness1 , thank you! I was using a chrome based browser (Vivaldi), but I have been using Firefox the last week and it just started crashing again today.

I am going to have a look the syslog again and see if I can get any other actionable info, as to why this keeps on happening.

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