Zorin 16 Release/BETA

So according to their twitter page they had planned to release Zorin OS 16 based on Ubuntu 20.04 “closer to the end of the year” and also planned to releases the BETA for it.
Well, it’s now pretty damn close to the end of the year and STILL no BETA release for it or a Zorin OS 16 release.
I mean, how much closer to the end of the year do they want to get to? By the time the BETA releases and is tested, it’ll be like December/Christmas time, possibly even 2021 until the stable Zorin 16 release is released.
Yes I know the Zorin team don’t give ETA’s, but I think after announcing that Zorin 16 and a BETA would come by the end of this year…and still hasn’t I think it’s only right to give us some indication of an ETA.

The leaves are still on the trees and it is not yet officially Winter 2020 yet, so best be a little patient with the devs. It should be well worth the wait, as I remember the 15 Beta being polished and few bugs were found, (unlike some Beta release software I have come across).


I read somewhere it was more like early 2021. I assume it will be release as a beta when it’s ready and usable for testing. I’d prefer to try it out when it’s useabke than to any discussed timescales.

You better be sure AF that developers agree with you.

Subjective terms.
In my mind, close to the end of the year might be around mid-November.
From past experience, Zorin OS releases are usually swift to follow the testing phase.

That said, I have noticed that the Zorin OS Focal repos are already in place.
I cannot confirm this, but it gives the impression that the developers are currently Testing Zorin OS 16.

As an aside, a reminder is needed. Not currently a Big Deal… But the word filter is in place for a reason. This is in order to ensure that users are comfortable that their kids using Zorin OS, Zorin Education etc. can come to the forum and seek answers and help without setting off any alarms. We are all capable of expressing concerns, ideas or even frustration in a reasonable manner.