ZORIN 16 - some feedback for missing/additions

I set Slow Mode temporarily.

Folks, being new to something is often frustrating. Imagine learning how to drive in a car that is an Automatic transmission, then having to learn how to drive in a manual transmission Dune buggy with rocket engines.

There is a lot to learn and a lot to take in. Because a new user wants to be able to use their O.S. right away, it becomes a lot to take in in a short amount of time.

Many people do not remember how frustrating and annoying it was the first time they tried learning Windows OS.
And once they did, they did not want to go through that again.

I remember my first few days of moving away from Windows and trying out Zorin OS were... lol... No fun to watch.
I complained a lot...

This is not High School where we get to poke fun at the incoming freshmen.


As the comment I made above:
There is a lot to learn, not just in learning Linux, but in learning (and appreciating!) the variety in the available Desktop Environments.
Yes, different desktop environments are different. That is a good thing.

Linux Mint uses Cinnamon Desktop. Zorin OS uses Gnome or XFCE.
But as note above, you * can install cinnamon Desktop* on Zorin OS (Which I do already and use it on my own computer.) IF that is more familiar to you, it may be the way to go. And Cinnamon does not bog down and get sluggish on Zorin OS.

I truly believe Bubby is right.

The mods and volunteers are here to help and not to be bothered reading a book. Most of the post, negatively or not could be explain in just simple and short explanation.


Typical.... those who have posted disparaging words about me,

Buby & Dasjdoom

who know naff all about me, suggesting that... " if you don`t like it,,.... go away.... " very helpful...


What my post is about, is not a " distaste of Zorin" as an O.s... I think it is a brilliant concept... and worthy of much improvement... as some have pointed out... the writers are only really interested in the "coding" of the O.S.. and posts such as mine are intended to convey back to them the FEEDBACK that results in improving the way the coding is done, which improves the way that people react to the O.S. and also improves the stature of the O.S. to those it is aimed at...i.e. those eager "newbies", that want to get away from Windows.
Zorin is about being "easy to transit" from Windows to Linux... and, it does that .... to a point...
The points that I have mentioned, above, are all given with an "open heart", and I hope that those who write the code will appreciate that they are not "complaints" as such, but are GENUINE FEEDBACK, and are received as such, in good faith.

One of the harder things to do in life, much less on the internet... is to set perceptions aside and carefully consider the merit of the points made.

I struggle with this, too.
And there are times, even as I am typing a post... In my head the words, "Go back to Windows" bounce around inside of my skull.
It's not gonna help.
There is no universe in which someone will hear that and say, "Oh. I see the error of my ways."
We say these things to beef ourselves up. I guess... it feels kinda good.
But it feels better to uplift.
To take something that is negative and transform it into something that isn't... Now that is an accomplishment. That is success.

@Sparker , let's face it. Your O.P. came across with a lot of negativity.
That's valid. We can transform that by introducing you to the Zorin Operating System with methods that work for you, or by explaining how things work or showing you where the tools you need are. As above - you can even install other Desktop Environments onto it.

To all; Please refrain from trying to one-up each other with the last word. Perhaps that is how it is on other forums and perhaps that is how it is on Reddit.
But that is not how we do it, here.
This forum is the First Resource that new users will experience in introducing themselves to Linux, Zorin and to us.
To New Users; It helps to make a good first impression.
To regulars of the forum... The same applies.

@FrenchPress noted earlier on a topic that the most powerful words on this forum are "thank you" and "I am sorry."


The reason that Pro and Core seem different is the layout. Pro starts with a different layout, which has modifications for the system windows as well as theming for the applications you use. Core does not have access to those other layouts/themes that are available in Pro, so can feel like a different operating system to some.

All of those options are there, some are in the Zorin appearance instead of being easily accessible from settings. Picking one version of the OS to work with will help familiarize you with the many options and how they are configured. Anyone trying a new OS, especially those unfamiliar with linux, will find it difficult to find anything in the settings. There are far more options since Linux doesn't lock down the OS and doesn't require you to give up privacy in order to use the software.

Everything is configurable, something most Windows users have to learn in order to understand what they are looking at. This isn't new to Zorin, it is a linux-wide issue. But like learning anything else you have never been introduced to it is a matter of committing yourself to that endeavor. Back when computers were becoming a household item, you were given the choice of three OS's then....Apple, Windows/Dos and Commodore. Those who didn't have the money either went with Dos/Windows or Commodore. No one at that time had experience with any of it. We didn't throw up our hands and complain about it...we took the time to read the manual, check out books from the library or buy a few manuals that would help us understand and use those technologies. You can't expect it to be a no thought process to change OS's. That would be like expecting everything to be the same when going from an automatic to manual transmissions. Sure, there are several similarities, but how it functions is completely different and requires a different set of skills in addition to what you are used to. You should expect differences...This is no more similar than Windows users going to Mac instead of linux. Nothing is the same.

The one question I have for you is why you felt it necessary for you to compare the versions available? Wait until the Lite version is released with the XFCE DE instead of gnome. You will find that there are many more differences. This isn't to confuse, but to provide options and availability of the most popular DE's. It's a linux thing that is somewhat difficult for Windows or Mac users to understand, but enjoy when they realize the customability of their system...the amount of control that they have. This isn't a negative thing, but something that you get used to. Change itself isn't bad.

All of the issues that you present are negative due to your ignorance of the OS and expecting it to be exactly like Windows. If you would take the time to learn a little, explore the OS and it's abilities, you'll find that many of the things you negatively describe are configurable in the manner you describe. These things are set in a way that are familiar to Linux users. You can not expect a freely developed OS to act like windows, look like windows or be windows. The only OS you can compare Windows to is Windows.

Please take the time to explore, learn, and keep an open mind...It will never meet expectations when you have no idea what it should be like. If you expect it to be Windows, you will be disappointed every time. Linux isn't, nor will ever be Windows. Since you installed Linux, you are ready to move away from Windows...now is the time to remove your expectations as well in order to have a positive experience and really decide if Linux is for you. You may not think so, but having expectations will create a bias that you will never see beyond.


This is true for more than just Operating Systems.:wink:


Oh. Dear.... the only negative I can see in this forum, is that when someone posts "FEEDBACK" it should only be praise and good feedback, otherwise, it will be deemed, by the "regulars" to be a NEGATIVE view of the Operating system... Taken "as read" the feedback I have given, is "genuine" feedback, from someone who has tried several different Linux versions over the past 5 years or more.. Mint being the one I currently use with a lot of pleasure and enjoyment, that I am not using Windows. Therefore, with that history accusing me of being negative, and of not trying to learn how to use the O.S. is very rude indeed.

337harvey said.....

The reason that Pro and Core seem different is the layout.

Obviously, this person did not read my post(s) properly, like the others, I did not mention any differences between Pro and Core...

To the writers of the code, for ZORIN, I pass on my Genuine Feedback, which I hope they will consider helpful, rather than the general opinion of this forum, viewing it as negative. I hope that they will see what an "outsider" looking in, sees, rather than the "insiders" trying to discourage people from voicing useful feedback to them.

To Aravisian. who said....

@Sparker , let's face it. Your O.P. came across with a lot of negativity.
That's valid.

I am surprised at your attitude. When it is obvious, from the title of the post....

Some feedback for missing/additions....

that it is about FEEDBACK,...

and not derogatory or negative in content,

UNLESS... of course... you wish to read it as such...

in which case, there does seem to be a lack of "Balanced views" on this forum.

I shall continue to use ZORIN as a "test bed" alongside my main laptop with Linux MINT 20, and using and recommending it, to anyone interested... I shall, of course, give them the benefit of my experience with both O.S.`s and help them to achieve their goal of using Linux instead of Windows.
( something this forum could aspire to )

To Aravisian....

Regarding " the most powerful words on this forum are..... "

Thank you for your time...

to the others...
I am sorry that your attitude was not in the least bit helpful.

@Aravisian no one is poking at OP. Mommy always told me you get a lot further with sweetness rather than acidity.

I won't accept this as a excuse to downgrade or badmouth someone who works hard to create a GOOD product. Make your points in a constructive way and you'll get positive responses. I'm as new as it gets to Linux and if I want help I respect others and expect the same to obtain it.

We all want to improve Zorin to make it work for each of our OWN needs. But the OP approach could have been different.

I stand by my statement.


Everything you complained about exists, you just haven't found it.

Why would you compare 15.3 lite with core? It's two different DE's? It said pro when i responded. You're not the first to edit their posts to make themselves right.

Why have you posted a review when you haven't gone through the os at all? So many here have pointed out what you missed and you think you're helping?

The only problem with the os is the fact that you expected windows. After spending months distro hopping one would think the expectations would have changed or at least waned.

Very few have found so much wrong with the os. Anyone that does is usually using a pirated copy, so it has been modified.

It is your stubbornness, ignorance and bias that has skewed your perspective which results in this word v0mit you call helpful feedback.


Actually, you did. You did indeed compare Lite to Pro in your wording. Though it appears you meant to say Core and edited that in later; this is not grounds to distort the record.

You are responsible for your words and how you express yourself. It is not others responsibility to interpret them all in the manner that you wish.

As @337harvey and others have pointed out, your "feedback" is not a list of additions or proposed improvements. It is irresponsible to berate someone, then claim afterward that it was "genuine feedback."

Prior to this, I opened several doors. I gave a lot of benefit of the doubt.
About lifting up out of the mire of squabbling, arguing and trying to one up each other. About how to address your concerns and what we can proactively do about it...
The opportunities were given -- and they were not taken.
Positive statements were turned into negative meanings.
The statement is Clear:
We do not behave this way Here.

Thread Closed.