Zorin 16 Ultimate From Zorin 15

Hi There,
Bit of a linux noob.

I just purchased the Zorin OS 16 Ultimate to upgrade my current VM. I have installed with Zorin 15.3 in a personal lab environment.
My lab has a windows domain setup and it took me quite a while but I got Zorin to eventually play nicely with the Windows Domain.

It looks like there's no easy way to just perform an In-Place upgrade, is this correct? Seems like my options, and please correct me if I'm wrong are:

  • Install 16 fresh and clean, then reconfigure for win domain lab
  • Stick to 15.3 until upgrade utility is developed for 16 somewhere down the road... (Do we know when?)
  • Just don't upgrade.

If you know of an easy way to upgrade and keep all network and domain settings, i'm all ears.


  • Mike

In-place upgrade from 15,3 Ultimate to 16 Pro should be released later this year.
If you currently have 15,3 Core, you need to do a fresh install of 16 Pro.

I am not very familiar with Windows domain.
My Windows is VM (VMWare), opposite of your settings.

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Thanks a lot!! Appreciate the feedback!
I'll wait for the tool later this year.