Zorin 16 wont let install new themes?

Hi as it said on the title i want to pase some themes in the folder usr/share/themes but the world paste is greyed out, it seesms there is a permission issue. how do i gain permission for the system files and folers?
thank you

You can use the terminal to copy the file

sudo cp /path/to/file /etc/share/themes

Or to use a gui:

sudo -i

Or by installing it locally which doesn't need superuser permission.


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Thank you, I did manage to paste them but I couldn't see them in Zorin Appearance.

Make sure that the theme isn't in double folder, eg. ShadeZ.v.XXX/ShadeZ

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As well as being extracted if they are compressed.

In Zorin Appearance > Themes ensure you are looking in the right place, too. Click the Other button to see third party themes.