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Hey there,

I just downloaded Zorin17 and did a fresh install.
I am missing the old behavior of the fullscreen App grid in the "Zorin Appearence" lower left Theme in Core.

On 16.3 the App grid was vertical scrolled, now its horizontal which for me is very annoying. I usually scroll up and down with 2fingers on the trackpad and this feels very unintuitive for me...

Is there a option or a tweak to edit this behavior?

Thanks, Ralf.

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Just launched my VM of Zorin 17, and it looks like the layout of the grid is left to right rather than up and down, indicated by the arrows to left and right. My only other thought is to us Dconf Editor to change your touchpad input, but it is still going to move (visually) left to right.

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That should be because of the newer Gnome Version in Zorin 17. I' ve found a Gnome Extension with that you can make Adjustments of Workspaces and Behaviour of the App Grid. I don't try it but maybe it give you the Adjustments that You want. It is called V-Shell. You can find it in the Extension Manager or on the Gnome Extensions Website.


Thanks a lot,

by looking around I found the gnome extensions manager and within:
"Vertical Workspaces" and "Favorites in App grid".
I think with this extensions its near to 16.3 which I liked a lot...

Im on Zorin as my main OS for years now.

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