Zorin 17 Os

I would like to speak to the laymen...where are they available?

We have all kinds all over the forum.
If you have specific questions toward the casual user, please post the questions in mind.
If this is about a specific help request, it can stay here in general help. Otherwise, we can move the thread to Chat about Zorin or a better suited sub-forum.

had problems installing zorin 17..i got stuck installing language and other packages for ages..my net is fast..i saw that ubuntu.servers did not work..in terms of packages..i don't know how but i managed...i see i got a half finished system at the moment..i originally installed the beta version..changed my password..accepted..but still not recognized.

You are very kind,I have tried many linux..but I have never had that.password..forgot the password.the system.can't get into the terminal anything.nor does it accept my password..any idea..how to reset the password..passwd.also asks for the old one..I guess I should reinstall..but gnome disks also asks..I am helpless

how to access grub...without password?..what are the commands?

thanks for your help but i see that ubuntu..Cannonical.compani..has a hard time sharing..with others..i saw with my own eyes that no data is coming from their servers..the request was made..but it was not sent..and all ubuntu distributions..this is a problem,

they say..Linus Torvald is using Fedora..he is not convinced...I..heard it from his mouth..Debian..is too complicated for him

the linux Mint...would be the star,but the smooth scrolling..they can't..it's ridiculous..if they are so top on

I must say for the record, that Linus Torvalds changes out which distro he prefers and uses so often, it is very hard to quote him what he is using, now.
He has long admired Fedora, but also changes out and uses other distros at different times of asking. This makes a lot of sense, since being at the head of the Linux kernel, he must be very all encompassing.
About the only thing consistent in his usage of Distros is his distaste for Gnome.
Torvalds comment about Debian was made back in 2005 and a lot has improved since that time. He was referring only to package management in Debian and his criticism did help lead to many improvements.

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Have you tried installing again? I ran into a "stalled" install shortly after it was released, possibly due to high traffic on the repository. It ran fine when I tried it a few hours later.

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