Zorin 17 Pro Frozen

Recently purchase Zorin 17 Pro & installed successfully, now Zorin just keep locking up and have to reboot...Repeatedly.
I have re-installed & updated, still freezing & have to reboot.
Bit of a mistery why.


What make / model of desktop / laptop are you using?

And just a shot in the dark.. do you by chance have 'download and install updates' checked while installing the OS?

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Do you have enabled Secure Boot and/or TPM? If Yes disable it and try it.

i believe there were some updates added during installation. In addition, I did some updates after as well.
I am using an Apple Mac Book. I installed Zorin 16.5 and all was well during the entire period I used it. Approx 7months with no issues.

Gotcha - which MB variant? I could really only get Mint MATE 21.1 stable on my older '09 MB..

But - with the updates during install.. I've never had a working system after downloading / installing updates while installing any distro of Linux - pretty much ever :joy: ..

That may be the issue - you could try a reinstall without downloading updates during the OS install... but requires another install.

One other thing I could see maybe working is dropping to a root shell from the Grub Advanced Startup Options, run: sudo apt install --fix-broken, sudo apt update --fix-missing, and then sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade -y, reboot, then see if you get a booting system.. But, that may or may not work.

If the root shell commands don't work - you may need to perform another reinstall without downloading / installing.. but, there could be other issues as well though. You might want to check the integrity of the install ISO if not already (compare hashes to Zorin's site), or maybe try another USB device for installation; could be using a failing one - has happened to me!