Zorin becomes Invisible or Deleted for No reason

Hi Folks - I'm 74 years young - Can't hardly stand Windows anymore.
Zorin seems great! I have 16.2 I guess now. I have 2 HDD 1TB a piece. I was switching to the one I like now and than. So I went to Zorin and it wasn't there. I tried every thing to find it and it came back - (No Operating System). I tried a number of things including using a cd starting it to try Zorin asked to repair - Nothing. It is as if Micro win removed it? is this Posible? I have no answer? Thanks - JR in Arizona

It is very unlikely that Microsoft removed it, I admit.

Am I understanding you correctly:
You have two drives. You would boot from one drive or a different drive as needed.
Now you cannot boot or find one of the drives?

Have you checked your BIOS Settings > Boot Order?
Have you recently unplugged / removed a USB Stick?

Yes I just switch between the drives by hitting F12. was fine for a long time. But now thank goodness I didn't have anything that I remember of importance on Zorin that wasn't on Win. So now I loaded Zorin Back on but unplug the HDD depending what I'm using - Want to take it All of Windows - a little Concerned with my ablities. (afraid) LOL

OFF -- I'm waiting for Zorin 17 - I think I'm going to get Pro. Than I'll switch it ALL . But still concerned. JR

You mentioned a USB Stick that's possible ? I guess. I honestly don't remember What OS HDD I was on ? Could that be a problem? Most of the time I click for removal - but sometimes it's not there. JR

BY the way Thanks for answering my statement! JR

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There are several possible culprits:
BIOS - Check that F keys are enabled under MultiMedia (This is Manufacturer dependent)

EFI Boot management - Check if your efi boots are in working order: On Zorin you can run efibootmgr in terminal.

Keyboard - This is two fold. Check a different USB plug n' play keyboard if possible. The keypress may not be registering in time. Second fold of this may be an update to drivers that causes the keyboard to init slightly delayed resulting in it initializing after the Boot Choice (the window in which to register the bapping of F12) passed already.

Thanks - Hope Zorin 17 is right around the Corner - LOL

The release date is set as "Release When Ready" though it is likely due before the end of the year. Perhaps August through November range. This is a guess and is not an expectation.

OK Thanks for the Info. Appreciate it! :slight_smile:

Luckily there will also likely be a beta so we will have a little heads up when it is getting fairly close.

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