Zorin Blog "Zorin Help"

Just seen this announcment of "Zorin Help".

It will be interesting to see if this releives any demand on the forum.


Maybe this link?:grin:


OH be still my throbbing heart ..... I have printed out these instructions and will print them out using you know what and come back and try them out ..... if they work for me they will work for anyone ..... :roll_eyes:

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I moved that website to the head of the class as my go to site on my Zorin Speed Dial Folder ..... many thanks for that zabadabadoo .... also will print out the section on Brother printers ..... I think I kinda need that .... :roll_eyes:

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Sometimes discussing and talking with fellow users more comfortable in the forum rather than just reading Zorin Help.

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Thanks will check it out asap.

It can help to get one-on-one support. A person there to reassure or examine something or be ready to answer questions on the fly.

I view this as a huge innovation, though. And a helpful one. This is something that was suggested in the past and is yet, another example of the ZorinGroup employing user suggestions.
And as a Linux Novice, myself, I view this news with optimistic eyes. Too often, I find myself stumped, unsure why the user is experiencing troubles and too ignorant to know how to proceed.
It can benefit the helpers (us) on this forum a great deal.

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