Zorin connect issue, what is gjs-console?

I have an issue with Zorin Connect where neither of my phones can find my pc. I went thru all the usual posts about dealing with firewalls, but even after straight up disabling my firewall I was unable to link my devices.

When looking some more I found that a process called gjs-console is running on port 1716 (The same port zorin connect usually searches for devices). Is this a Zorin connect process, or is it an external process blocking zorin connect from working in the first place?

(This thread is based of off this reddit thread, made because the forum was down: https://www.reddit.com/r/zorinos/comments/qknhtt/zorin_connect_issue_what_is_gjsconsole/)

I am guessing gjs stands for something along the lines of gnu javascipt, perhaps it could have to do with something node related. Zorin fails to work on my vm aswell, which also has some development envs going, while my pre-installation version of zorin did not have any issues.

Your guess is correct, or Gnome.
Whether it is related to Zorin-Connect, I am less sure, as I do not use that gnome extension.
Have you tried removing and installing it again?

sudo apt remove --purge gnome-shell-extension-zorin-connect

sudo apt install gnome-shell-extension-zorin-connect

Sadly, no luck

It may sound a silly question but are both computer and phone are connected to the same network through WiFi?

It is an old thread but some people seemed to have a problem using KED connect (which works the same way as Zorin connect) between cable connected computer and WiFi connected phone.

This is a good suggestion, I'll make sure to try this!

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