Zorin Connect Keyboard Shortcuts disabled

Attempt to define keyboard shortcuts for Zorin Connect:
Click on taskbar area

Click on Zorin Connect arrow

Click on Mobile Settings

Click on connected device (my android phone)

Click on Keyboard Shortcuts

Click on Messaging

“Set Shortcut”

No matter what key selection I make, it says <...> is already being used.

Is Zorin Connect broken, is it not installed correctly, or did I do it wrong?

You could try reinstalling it as you do have a second open issue on it:

sudo apt install --reinstall gnome-shell-extension-zorin-connect

Ran the reinstall. Both issues persist.
Screenshot from 2024-02-18 15-51-19

Any light on what shift+ctl+alt+m does already? :expressionless:

Does nothing on Zorin OS Lite...

The same response is received no matter what key combination I use, whether it's Shift+Ctrl+, Ctrl+Alt+ and so on. I said that in my initial statement of the situation. It doesn't matter what key combination I choose, the app ALWAYS says it's already being used. That doesn't seem likely to me.

I agree.
Looking for any existing bugs on this - I found a list. Here is an example:

Note this:

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