Zorin Connect - Remote Connection Question - Ports and SMS Syncing Question

I have two questions related to Zorin Connect.

  1. Is it possible to set up Zorin Connect to allow communication to a device which is external to the network on which the PC is running?

  2. I previously had the ability to see previous messages (sent from phone's app) within Zorin Connect. Now, when I open the Messages plugin, the only thing that gets brought up is a window with my contacts, and the ability to send a message to them. No previous conversation history, etc. I have enabled all permissions and plugins settings for the extension. I have 1714:1764 ublocked for my host computer on both protocols (TCP.UDP). Is there another port which specifically handles messages syncing?
    On the same token, different side, I also cannot seem to view pictures (.jpg/.png) sent to me in a message. Is this another port?

I have installed KDE Connect to test functionality and compare: KDE connect allows me to see past message history with each contact, though I cannot view pictures still.

Thanks everyone for your time. Please share your experience and expertise!

At this time, this is not possible. Both devices must share the same connection as doing otherwise would be a security nightmare with the current configuration.

As to your second question, I use KDE Connect on Zorin OS Lite due to Zorin Connect being only available on Core. Zorin Conenct is a Gnome Shell Extension rather than an installable application.
I experience the same as you do on KDE Connect.

KDE Connect and Zorin Connect should not be both installed together on the same Desktop. They can interfere with eachother and cause issues.

If KDE Connect works, why not keep that one and remove Zorin Connect GS-Extension?

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This is possible as long as you forward the traffic in a way that replicates a local network. In other words: You can set up a VPN at home that you connect both devices to.

Does the Android App have access to your contacts and SMS message history?
Note that on newer Android versions, it might happen that only the default SMS App has access to SMS Message History.

On an unrelated sidenote, it's probably better to avoid SMS to begin with due to it's low security.

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Because KDE Connect was the only qt5 application package I had when I was testing it without Zorin Connect installed.

Thank you for your insight - seems all my problems I'm experiencing using the Core/GNOME applications would be solved with running KDE Plasma. I have had the tutorial here bookmarked for a little while but mostly because I didn't want to deal with issues related to getting back to the desktop environment I've spent so much time configuring and personalizing - it's a hard bucket to kick. I also read in multiple locations that KDE/Plasma is a nightmare (time-consuming/confusing) to configure and navigate to find settings needed to personalize the way we want - if only due to the sheer amount of options a user is given. I was also reluctant because I didn't quite know how to effectively manage 2 desktop environments on one installation - another thing I need to look up. Maybe once the move is over and I have more free time.

Thanks again

Are you referring to Theme (appearance) consistency with the app? Because that is easily fixed...

Other than that, you should not experience technical issues running a QT app on Zorin OS.

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I've done this with my NordVPN meshnet however, I cannot seem to be able to set up routing properly on Linux so that phone traffic is routed through the meshnet/PC - at least without being connected to the same WiFi network... This is what the Connect applications require anyway, so it's a moot point, really..

Where setting up a VPN under the network settings dialogue/options is concerned, I don't have nearly enough experience with networking in general to spend time fiddling with it like that. I can learn, for sure, and I might do that, eventually... I guess that's why I was asking the question, so I could learn from someone who could know what I'm talking about and provide answers in a concise way to avoid starting from square one with no prior knowledge.

It does. Google Messages application for Android.

This makes sense. I could try opening up the blocked/hidden default messages application and see if a sync occurs. If it weren't for your suggestion regarding SMS security. That said, I should say that I've opened up the SMS thing before on Zorin Connect and saw the contacts list before and was able to click into one or two to see the message history. The problem was that I couldn't do it any longer for whatever erroneous reasons.

I'm now using Telegram, and prefer it greatly, but the issue is that not many of the people I keep in touch with use it themselves. They just text using their phone's messaging app.

Overall, it's really no big deal to be honest. I was merely curious about why I could see this once, but not again. Also the Zorin Connect with a remote cellular device was something I was looking forward to having a possible way to fix - I would like to be able to use my phone to do many things while I am out of the house.

Thank you for your input, appreciate your reply.

You're right, I didn't experience any technical issues. I just meant that I tried KDE Connect as a means to troubleshoot and perform comparison check for functionality's sake. While doing so, I noticed that the theming of the package was terrible in comparison with my desktop setup as it stands while using all GNOME tweaks and theming. Not a dealbreaker when it comes to functionality - but with as much as I want to use the *Connect applications for their intended purpose, I would be using KDE Connect quite often and without knowledge that I could have themed it like you mentioned, I decided against keeping it at that time. :slight_smile:

I will take a look at the post you linked and likely make the switch; though as mentioned, I am also strongly considering just moving off to KDE Plasma regardless - I just want to learn a little more before I make the jump.

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There’s other ways to achieve this, for instance through something like Hamachi, which can be easily used on Linux using the Haguichi Utility

I’m in a similar situation: Many people around here use Whatsapp to keep in touch, but due to it’s relation to Meta and how they will willingly give access to your messages upon asked, I have stopped trusting them. Thus I’ve switched to mostly Signal and SimpleX. Signal for those with my number, SimpleX for those without. I make sure I’m contacted through these ways by redirecting people which try to contact me on platforms which offer no encryption or are otherwise untrustworthy in my opinion.

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