Zorin Connect SMS Screen too large

ok, do you have another usb drive to try?
So strange just one GUI is effected, normally it indicates a corruption some where, You may need to re-download the iso, i would suggest refreshing your internet connection/etc. then try another download.

I have 3 different downloads on 3 different usb drives, from 3 different networks, They are all only having issues with that one window. If there are others, I have not found them yet. Its not really the end of the world. I would love to use that feature but its not a requirement for me.

Ive tested all 3 and they work, I let the self check run through and that was good. I even tried installing it on a second harddrive and then disconnecting the drive Im currently using and it still had the same problem. I spent a good 8 or 9 hours yesterday installing and uninstalling, and re downloading everything.

Yes i understand it's not a priority for you but as you see/know it shouldn't be happening.
I'm also thinking graphics, maybe something with the SMS GUI setting's needs something refined .
Are you using Nvidia graphic's?

I am using the nvidea graphics on the desktop since I have a GPU. and on the laptop Im using the standard install. not dual booted with the same issue

Some Nvidia drivers need the "Secure boot" disabled to install,
You may try contacting the developers via the email you received, explaining the issue.

reply to the email I got when I downloaded purchased the OS?

First did you try this suggestion?

Just so we have exhausted trying to correct this.
Also did you try disabling "Secure boot"?

Yes if the problem still occurs, I would contact the developers via the "ContactUs" email address with-in the email you received when you purchased Zorin Pro, they do offer help with installation issue's.

I do believe this is something that gsmconnect developers will have to resolve, as Aravisian has pointed out.

I would add to the bug ticket, since the more users complaining about it will initiate a faster response (usually). Include your hardware configuration and drivers in use (lshw command should be sufficient). They will contact you if they need clarification or something you haven't provided.

I think that you are right. I Installed zorin and ubuntu both in a VM with very similar results. Im not sure they are the exact same width in the vm but they are all much wider than the screen. Thank you for your help. After knowing that it is GSMConnect, I have searched and found multiple people all having the same issues.

while the messaging would be nice, the notifs on pc alone are a life saver while I have my headset on working.

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