Zorin Connect won't SEND texts

I have my Pixel 4a phone paired with Zorin Connect and incoming texts are received with no problem. SEND is a different situation. Once in a while it works, but usually when I click on the SEND icon the text moves up into to window above as it should, but it is grey instead of black, and it just stays grey and never gets sent. On occasion it will get sent after sitting there for 10 minutes. Usually I have to pull out my phone and send from there. Before I changed from Ubuntu to Zorin I had KDE Connect and it did not have this problem. Any ideas?

You can install KDE Plasma DE on Zorin - I've done it but not tried it with the Text element with KDE connect - i am using Devuan 4 and that seems to work but to be honest not tried using it to send texts.

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