Zorin forum clone?

I found that webside https://askzorin.com/
It is a some clone forum zorin?

That was created by an independent party that felt an "ask" style site might be helpful. It was created during the time of the now archived ZorinGroup Forum, before this new forum came online.
So, no - it is not a clone.
The idea was a nice one and @swarfendor437 and I both joined over there to help out.
However, it may have been more conducive for that creator to communicate with the ZorinGroup prior to making it, as the new Forum followed shortly afterward.

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I asked because i know you have link to older forum zorin but not this what i linked that why asked. Thanks for explanation then this is third forum Zorin.

No this is the only official forum, it is only the format that has changed. It is only the style that has changed. This is the third iteration of the official Zorin forum. The first two were based on php.BB format, the previous one to this themed in blue to reflect the OS. I had been a moderator on both php.BB iterations.

Ok. Understable

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