Zorin Forum slow responsiveness Nov 19

I put Nov 19 in the title, however, I noticed this yesterday, as well as today. It's a date range...
Has anyone else been experiencing very slow loading of the forum, to the forum timing out entirely?

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Yes I have observation the forum was very slowly to loading a websides. I don't know why and where it was problem?

I had a few issues on the 18 of November, but not since then.

I have noticed as well, though Work upgraded the wireless switches and firewalls and I attributed it to that

I was thinking my own internet...
Out here...
We had to build a tower.

But I tested ping, other sites, route traced and... only Zorin Forum was the unresponsive one.

In this past week to two weeks, I have noticed that many repos in the terminal have been sluggish, too.
Non-Zorin ones and Zorin ones.
OpenRGB upgraded about four times this past week, as well.

Are we next China country what using filters what we sending?

I was wondering about outages or server issues.

You mean hackers atack some injections or ddos?

No.... it did not occur to me to think of Government oppression or of hackers.

I was just thinking of normal things like maybe there are some productivity issues or job shortages or climate related problems (oceanic cables).

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You mean more sabotage like in France cut fiber international a cables?

Bourne, you appear to have a one-track mind at the moment. :neutral_face:

Hmmm...interesting, my first reply to this required moderator approval so I deleted the post.

I doubt there are any nefarious attempts on Zorin or linux repositories at large. The world works in a cloud anymore and the cloud owner or multiple owners can boff something and cause problems for only a few sites and not a lot of sites.

I did have a few issues, now that I think about it, with a couple of news sites last week. Tossed it off to the cloud being the issue.

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This sometimes happens to me, too.
The Discourse Software includes the ability to have a Word Filter that blocks or inhibits certain language for Moderator Review to ensure that the post is not an issue.
Often, reviewing your own post really quickly to spot the word is pretty easy.
Sometimes not... Apparently the word "boo" was disallowed at one point and I was stumped for a long while trying to figure out the blockage.

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I am pretty sure it was the word "ha*kers" that got the post flagged. Easy work around.

Ok i get now. You mean it could be hardware old or retired and start doing some problems - materials are damaged like some people who working with tools sometimes old must be replaced because are not funcional or broken. That you means.
i am Sorry for my missunderstanding.
I playing a one game from fb corporation zynga and they have many times problems a server game not working many hours every day. Somewhere maybe something is wrong.

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i noticed that since month or more, but these days the load take more time, that reminder me with blazor in dotnet, :smile: if any one dotnet developer will understand what i mean

I have not seen any slowess of Zorin Forum around that date.

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