Zorin Founders Video

I'm sure most of you folks already saw this video of an interview with AZorin but for those that didn't here is the title just type it into your favorite video rendering program and enjoy ... I'm downloading it to my computer now using FreeTube ....

Building a Linux OS for the Masses - Artyom Zorin Interview | IG Talks ep. 2 ...


It's actually amazing to finally see one of the creators... check it out on youtube


That's what I thought .... I sure didn't picture him looking like that ....


I've never seen the Zorin brother's, its always been a mystery and I am fine with that. I don't have a need to have that mystery solved. Because at the end of the day, its not about what a person looks like, its not what they sound like, its about what they do, their actions.

Over the years, the Zorin team have made choices that the effect of which, was in creation of an amazing operating system. Their operating system saved an old machine from going to E-waste.

And soon when they release LITE, it will provide me a new way to use my main machine, and allow me to do production work in new ways. But even more important to me, which is why I saved this for last.

And the end of the day, the decisions the Zorin brother's made, all culminated to the point of making this forum. Because it provided me a new place I could call home, with an amazing group of wonderful people that I consider family.

So I think its safe to say, the Zorin brother's actions speak for themselves. That is what matters to me. :purple_heart:


In the interview the founder where he talks about where they came from and where they are going which to me was VERY enjoyable ....

Here you can see them also…


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