Zorin Grid OS

As are many here I'm really really excited for the Zorin Grid Beta release (I check the site often), fantastic idea and well needed in Linux. I did search forum but its been a while so wondering how progress is going with Zorin Grid OS?

Happy to be involved in Alpha/Beta testing when you get to that stage.

Thank you community and everyone at Zorin Team!


@ray1, you do realize that Zorin Grid is a feature that allows network administrators to easily install applications, push updates and even roll out multiple installations to networked computers in an enterprise environment, right? It is not an OS, but an addition to the existing OS utilizing DevOps principles.


That's awesome, will that mean any Zorin device can become a server? Also is it going to be a paid feature?

This has not been released yet. I imagine any desktop would be able to be a server, since the only difference between desktop and server is a gui DE and running services (daemons on Linux) for other machines to utilize (web, ssh, mail, etc.).

As for their decisions on pay locks, we haven't seen them yet. Until the ZorinGroup releases this information, whether pay lock or enterprise specific editions, its speculation.

I do think this could be very successful for them though. I used to manage many, many computers and it was a pain. I would have killed for something like it lol

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