Zorin GUI resetting/changing every 5/6 boots

Hello all. Been having this problem lately. Every 5 or 6 times I login to Zorin 16, itll ask me twice, and when I finally get in, my GUI is all different. Restarting solves is, until more recently, where I have to change my settings back to the way I had it. Getting frustrating.

Anyone have any problems like this?


Sounds like a profile or xorg issue, Can you check the xorg log in
maybe attach it to the thread is possible to see if xorg is crashing and resetting the theme

OR Ubuntu Login loop?

Thanks for responding! I dont have an xorg dir under ~/.local/share/

What version of Zorin are you running? Pro 16.1?

Yes, that's correct. I am so sorry for the delay.

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