Zorin Install - Included Evolution package won't download emails

I've installed Zorin 16 a few times and on every install the included version of Evolution doesn't download email. Is there something I am missing? The flatpak works fine, but I like that the included version sets up the dictionaries for spell check properly unlike the flatpak.

Data is restored from an Evolution backup, but don't see how that would affect the depository version versus the flatpak.


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Use Thunderbird instead, Evolution is outdated and only maintained by one person if all you're using is IMAP emails.

The only thing I use Evolution for is to connect with my Calendar...

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Can you please be a bit more specific?

  • How do you setup Evolution mail after reinstall?
  • Are there any errors? what do they say?
  • What does it mean "doesn't download email"?

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